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Too Lazy To Shave!

To you guys out there, I’m trying to remember just why it was that, when we were young, we thought it would be so cool to grow facial hair.

From an evolutionary point of view, there are lots of different theories about why men have facial hair and why women, for the most part, don’t.
I actually tried to find this out, but there were so many theories out there, it seems the scientific world really doesn’t know for sure.
There’s the theory that men went out into the cold the most to do their hunting,so they needed beards for warmth.
There’s a theory that it’s just a simple fact of hormones.
There’s the belief that mens’ facial hair is just another evolutionary development to attract females as a sign of masculinity. And there are more.
Whatever, to me it doesn’t make much sense.

Basically, upon reflection, I remember getting man-hairier when i was in my 12th std…which seemed cool to me, then. I was around 17yrs old! I was told that, it will grow thicker and in a more proper way, only if you start shaving. So, i wanted to shave.

A few of my friends, had started shaving regularly. For some reason, this insulted me, coz it made me feel like a small boy. “I’ll show them!” I thought. “I’ll have crazy thick hair on my face!
And, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Crazy Hair!

The first time i shaved was as soon as i finished my 12th std. I went shopping and bought the Razor, Shaving Cream, Brush, After-Shave Lotion, etc etc! The next day morning i woke up early, all charged up to do my first shave!
I Grabbed the razor, popped in a fresh blade, and made everything ready with what is quite possibly the perfect shave setup. After rinsing my face, lathered up thickly and shaved whatever small mustache and beard that was there! And then there was the aftershave.
I was only shaving fuzz, but it was cool.

After that i started shaving once in 2-3 months, then every month and now it has become every week!

I have suffered many cuts and scrapes and various other outrageous misfortunes whilst trying to maintain a clean-shaven look and feel!

Once during my second year, frm the study hols till the next semester beginning, i didnt shave. I was too lazy and so let it grow. Having a beard was kind of cool! I think it made me look tough! I really hate shaving and it was fun not to for a while. In the end I gave up. I just couldnt find the right balance or scruffiness and sophistication!

Besides that, professionally, I can’t go around looking unshaven and unkempt. I either have to be clean-shaven or have a beard…I can’t BE in between, unless I’ve decided I’m growing a beard.

The task went from a “do it when you want to feel like a grownup” thing to a “do it every day if you don’t want to look like Grizzly Adams” thing.

Now, I’ve certainly reached a point where shaving has become a chore.

I hate Shaving! :((

I wish, i knew magic, so that i could control the amount of hair on my face. I could make it grow to exactly the size and shape i want it to be! But, unfortunately, in reality, i cant make do without shaving.

So, shaving is a necessary evil in my life!!!

Hey… Catch U ppl later… I gotta go shave now…!!!

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